• Photo Contest winners!

    We are happy to announce winners for Photo Contest on SWEDEN DAY IN TOKYO.

    Names of winners are as below;
    Mr. WEAVER
    Ms. Hiroko Miyairi
    Ms. Yasuko Kikuzumi
    Ms. Tomoko Blondell
    Mr. Bjorklund Anders

    Congratulations to those who won!


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  • Let’s join some activities!

    Sweden Day is coming so soon! We would like to introduce 3 activities which can be enjoyed by all ages!

    【Photo Contest】
    Let’s participate in a prize competition by taking photos of Sweden Day 2013!
    The theme is “My Sweden day”. Whatever you use to take photos, please show us YOUR point of view of Sweden Day.

    【Silk Screening Workshop】
    Let’s make your original handkerchief by silkscreening Swedish design. (first 250 applicants)

    【Kids Playroom】
    Enjoy the kids room. It is supported by Swedish toy brand “Brio” and SWEA.

    And off course, there will be good foods and drinks!!

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  • We will have 2 live musics!

    We are going to have 2 live musics.

    One is “Katie goes to Tokyo” and another one is Tokyo based Swedish Jazz Orchestra “Oktetten Victria2013″.

    Live Time is as below and please come to the open air live!
    Katie goes to Tokyo :13:30 / 15:00
    Oktetten Victria2013:14:00 / 15:30

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  • Play with Brio at kids room

    The kids room is open and is presented by Brio. Brio was founded in 1884 by

    BRIO is a wooden toy company founded in1884 at Osby, Sweden by basket maker Ivar Bengtsson. Nowadays, it is well known as mental training toys as well as the one exciting kids imagination all over the world. Please come to enjoy with toys!

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  • Merry-go-round will be there!

    Merry-go-round is one of the simples of the festival in overseas. At Sweden Day, a merry-go-round will be there and which is supported by Volvo Trucks. It is going to be great fun!



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  • Please enjoy the stamp rally!

    We will be held the stamp rally this year, too. You will collect 5 stamps at the embassy. When you collected them all, please bring your stamp rally sheet to the reception.You will get a drink supported by NIHON TETRA PAK KK. While looking for the stamps, please join some activities and “Enjoy Sweden”!スクリーンショット 2013-05-30 23.04.38

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  • ”Katie goes to Tokyo” is actually in Tokyo

    ”Katie goes to Tokyo” Is this just a sentence? This is the name of the solo project of Kathrine Bergström, a singer/song writer from Skellefteå in Sweden with a past in band like Backfish and The Wilson Hospital will be playing.

    She will actually be in Tokyo on Sweden Day and will play some songs! Before the live, let’s get to know one of her songs.

    Please do not miss her live music.

    *Katie goes to Tokyo www.katiegoestotokyo.com/


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  • Let’s celebrate the summer to come at Midsummer party!

    Carolina Romare/imagebank.sweden.se

    Carolina Romare/imagebank.sweden.se

    Midsummer has the longest daytime in a year. At the north part of Sweden, nightless summer comes around the midsummer time. Eve of the midsummer, traditionally people get gathered to pray for our lives and the good harvest. The maypole is the symbol of spirits who make crops grown and bring men themselves. So people has been celebrating with dancing and singing around the maypole. Today the festivals are all over Sweden on that day and it is a lovely day to mingle with family and friends with nice food and drinks.

    On Sweden Day, we will make the maypole together and then we will start dancing and singing around it.


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  • Sweden Night 2013


    Sweden Night

    Summer Nights in Sweden is one of the most magical experiences you can ever have. There is something special about those few and precious months were the sun never sets beyond the horizon and time just seems to go on forever.

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    It’s time again to celebrate the Swedish National Day in style!
    The main event will be held on Saturday Jun. 8th (invitations).
    The Swedish Embassy, SCCJ, SWEA and YCN are all putting their efforts together in this GRAND event.
    The theme for this year is “Enjoy Sweden!” and on June 8th we have prepared various events at the compounds of the Swedish Embassy, such as workshops, midsummer celebration and live performances, as well as events for the children.
    Food (Swedish & international) and beverages will be available at a low cost as well.
    Also this year many of SCCJ’s member companies are sponsoring the events which will span over three days. -Thank you all Sponsors, this would not have been possible without your support!

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